Three Crosses on Calvary's Hill PDF Print E-mail

There were three crosses on Calvary's Hill that first Easter.  In the middle was Jesus, the Son of God, and on either side a thief.  One thief mocked, the other prayed.  Both thieves asked Jesus to save them.  The difference between the two thieves is that one wanted to be saved from his circumstances, while the other wanted to be saved from his sins.  They each made their choice.

I remember reading of two men of more recent time who also made their choices.  Dwight L. Moody was a famous evangelist while Robert J. Ingersoll was infamous for his unbelief.  They were born, and died, within a few months of each other.  However, as to character, they were poles apart.  Like the two thieves who died within a few feet of each other, their choices set them worlds apart.

Moody was serious, the other scornful; Moody prayerful, the other was profane.  Moody was a student of the Bible, the other railed against it.  As the story goes, the deathbed scene of Moody was as the gate of Heaven; that of the other, the destination of darkness.  Moody still lives in thousands of converts, and conquering churches.  Ingersoll's only legacy is souls skeptic as himself.  Each died as he had lived.

We have seen two thieves and two ways; two men and two legacies.  Which way will you take?  We each have a choice to make.